Fair Trade Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa - Earth Rainbow

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Approximately 3 1/2 inches across and 1.3/4 inches tall. You will get the actual basket in the picture.

Wire baskets are usually used to put small things in like keys, coins, jewelry, or paper clips. You can wash them with soap and water so you

can even put food in them like nuts.

Around 800 full time weavers and their families are supported with a fair living wage from their amazing creations. Since wire baskets are woven by many men due to the difficult nature of weaving wire, they are able to stay home on their tribal lands instead of moving to cities to look for work. In the rural groups we work with, the family units are preserved so that the weavers and their families can live more traditional lifestyles.

About the Wire ? Recycled wire is rarely used anymore because of it's scarcity and the fact that using recycled wire produces a basket of lesser quality.
Due to the very high price of copper, which is used in telephone wire, weavers are now using an annealed steel core wire that looks just like telephone wire.
The wire we use is custom manufactured in special colors for the weavers using some recycled and all lead-free materials. The wire is manufactured in South Africa.