Tumbled Agate Pendants

Colorfully dyed agate stones in two styles: Wrapped and Crowned. The pendants are made by Patricia Manotupa.

Patricia Manotupa and her family business in artisan goods are known for their high quality products. The business was started by Patricia’s father, Hermenio Manotupa, who is from Pisa, a small town near Cuzco in Peru. In 1978 he started in ceramics, selling his products to tourists in Lima. A few years later he bought a place in a market to sell his products, and expanded his product line by making ceramic Christmas adornments. In 1989, he he had increased his number of clients and expanded his products to jewelry and stones from five different workshops in Peru.

In 1992, he began exporting his products internationally and gained many clients through recommendations and reputation of being a responsible family business. Today, he has passed the business on to his daughter Patricia and his wife, who now have five locations in Lima.

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